"The Best Invention Since The Windshield!"


As avid outdoorsmen, Alan McDonald, Mark Matthews and Mike Matthews experienced years of frustration riding their ATV’s through forest trails and back roads teeming with spider webs. They frequently found themselves having to remove one hand from the handlebars to wipe away webs and smack at spiders on their faces, arms and bodies.

In the late spring of 2011, the three found themselves in an all-too- familiar discussion about the frustrations of webs and spiders encountered on an otherwise exciting ATV adventure. They began brainstorming. Enough was enough!

It was then and there, on old rockers on a country farmhouse porch, that Alan, Mark and Mike came up with the first vision of a spider web clearing device.

The idea for the WEB WACKER was born. Now it was time to make it work – and work right on any off-road vehicle.

The idea was straightforward enough. Use the natural tension of the spider web against it by cutting through it at its center. The web – sometimes with the spider itself – would literally be yanked away from the oncoming ATV to each side of the trail.

Now for the best design possible. Low-lying limbs required that it be very flexible. Trial and error with materials led to problem solved. Some ATV’s have tubular cargo carriers up front while others have flat, composite carriers. Thanks to Mark’s innovative thinking and Alan’s engineering background, the WEB WACKER now comes with mounting brackets suitable for any ATV design.

In no time, the WEB WACKER was being field tested with flying colors! In no time after that, RNE of NC, Inc. (short for “Redneck Engineering”) was ready to make this dream product available to every ATV enthusiast!

Then came the unexpected and overwhelming demand from lawn enthusiasts with tractor mowers and zero-turns! What a product!