Welcome to the World of WEB WACKER...

The WEB WACKER is a spider web clearing device for ATV's, lawn mowers, bikes and the like.  The WEB WACKER attaches vertically to the front and center of your outdoor recreational vehicle or riding mower (see right) and is a breeze to install.

The WEB WACKER wipes away spider webs (sometimes with spider attached!) by cutting through the middle of the web as your ATV or Riding Mower passes through.

No more webs on your face and body!

Safety First: With the WEB WACKER, there’s no more reason to remove one hand from your steering wheel only to find yourself “With one hand on the wheel.”

"The WEB WACKER design uses the natural forces of the spider web to break the web at the center point allowing the web to spring outward without contact with the rider. The upright rod is flexible allowing for rough terrain without excessive unwanted flexing. It makes riding more enjoyable and safer by incorporating hands free travel through web infested terrain!

The WEB WACKER is a patented SPIDER WEB CLEARING DEVICE, the first and only available on the market.



Note: The WEB WACKER is also available at a longer length at no extra cost for “zero turn” mowers!

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